Migrations: New England to New York

For this project, I have extracted names of pioneer settlers from county histories in upstate New York. Most of these settlers migrated from the New England states. In general, I have extracted every name mentioned from the early settlement of each town, up until about 1830, though a few names may be mentioned after that date. Occupations and War service were often mentioned, along with genealogical data such as sons, daughters, brothers and other family. If there was extensive genealogical data, I listed the page reference, so you can find it in the original book.

The data is organized by county, then by town. Use the FIND command on your browser to search for surnames of interest, but be sure to look for alternate spellings. If you locate a person, you may need to scroll up to find the name of the town. The dates listed are the dates of settlement, unless otherwise noted. More counties will be added as they are completed.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but Please note that this is a transcription from a book and that errors can happen. It was sometimes difficult to figure out family relationships especially if extensive information was listed. It is always advisable to seek out the original documents when researching a family. Although there were no official vital records in NY until 1880, the clues contained in the town histories can sometimes lead to church records, or to earlier vital records in New England states.

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