Herkimer County

Herkimer County



Town of German Flats   (Formed as part of Tryon Co., 1772; 1788)


German families who settled before the Revolution include:

John Jost Hercheimer, 1751

John Jost Petri, 1757

Woolaber/Woolever (and various spellings)








Jacob Folts


(the following names with dates are from an old ledger of James Van Horne, reprinted in the county history. The ledger includes the items purchased, though I didn’t include that information here):

Jacob Weaber, 1776

Isaiah Wright, 1789

Conrad Frank, 1774

David Schuyler, 1775

Dr. Jacob Petrie

John Smith

Christopher P. Yates, 1781

Duncan McDougal, 1775

John N. Castler, 1776-86

Henery Herkimer Sr., 1778

Conrad C. Folts, 1785

George Weaber, 1784 (“my brother-in-law”)

Col. Henery K. Van Rensselaer, 1779

Thomas Folmers, 1775

Jost Schuyler, 1788

Philip Garloch

John Smith

John Myers

Gershom Skinner

Simeon Barker

Henry Miller

Susannah Small

John S. Frank

George Groundhart

Jacob Christman

John Fox

Frederick John Shoemaker, 1786

Jost Dygert, 1789

Jacob Woolever, 1788

Russell Furman

Peter S. Dygert

Henry P. Dygert

Phineas Allen

Nicholas Christman

Jost Folts

Thomas Bell

Abraham Woolhaver

James Forbush

Timothy Tuttle

Rev. Abraham Rosencrants, 1788

James Catlin

William Petry

John Andrews

Jost Hess

John Weaber

Fawcet Cox

Frederick Bellinger, 1788

Catharine (George) Hilts

Maria (Catherine) Ox

Wesner Spoon

Elizabeth Small

Mary Small

John Bellinger

Jacob Bashorr, harness maker

Timothy Frank

Frederick Ohrendorph

John Fox

Christopher P. Fox

Conrad Segner

Edward Walker

John Brusler

Christopher Ox

Adam Hartman

George Weaber

Jost Harkimar

Rudolph Schomaker

John Petrie

Andrew Dygert

Joseph Cook

Conrad Kook

Henry A. Cramer

Nicholas N. Staring

George F. Halmer

Joseph Hines

Christian Drisselman

John Isdall

Peter Flagg

Adin Fancher

Nicholas Woolhaver

Dr. Samuel Robertson, 1790

Gershom Beach

William Delaney

Samuel Pinker

Jacob Kunkabol

Robert Bee

James Yule

Christoph Rube

Mrs. Holteger


(the following were other early settlers):

Jacob Phillips, blacksmith

James Campbell

Benjamin Fox, tailor

Peter Woolever, shoemaker

Stephen Wright, carpenter

Aaron Wood, 1792, tannery

Samuel Edwards, bef. 1800, teacher

Philip Peter Cowder, bef. 1800, teacher

Rev. Fitch Romden, from Oneida

Rev. John Spinner, 1801, from Germany (+ wife Mary Magd. Fedelis Brumante of Loire.

   John died 27 May 1848; was father of Hon. Francis Spinner who was Sec. of the U.S.

    Treasury under Abraham Lincoln)

Seth Paine, 1797, from Windham Co. CT (+ sister, wife & 11 children, 5 of them sons)

Otis Smith, 1797

Benjamin Whitman (Wightman), from CT (Baptist minister)

Stutely Palmer

Asahel Wise, from VT

Henry Kaster

Stanton Dennison

Henry Steele, blacksmith, from CT

Joseph Noble, from CT

Freeman family, from CT

Hawks family, from CT

Tisdale family, from CT

Thomas family, from CT

Jason Tiff, 1800

(Mohawk village was German before the Revolution; after the Revolution settlers came from CT and adjacent eastern states)

Judge Gates, 1778, tavern

Rudolph Devendorf, 1804, tavern

David Diefendorf, 1817, tavern (brother of Rudolph although they spelled names

   differently;  David had a son Jacob)

Josiah Earl

Peleg Freeman

Peter Warner

Rufus Randall

Samuel Meeker, merchant

John A. Clapsaddle (village of Ilion)



Town of Litchfield   (settled abut 1796)


Elijah Snow, 1786, from MA

William Brewer, 1787, from MA

Ezekiel Goodale, 1787, from MA

John Andrews, 1787, from CT

Christoph Rider, 1787, from CT

Ebenezer Drewry/Drury, 1787, from NH

John Everett, 1787, from NH

John & Eleazer Crosby, 1787, from CT

Samuel Miller, 1788, from CT

James Gage, 1788, from NH

Nathaniel Ball, 1788, from NH (Baptist church organized at his home, 1795)

Selah Holcomb, 1791

Nathaniel Fish

Silas Hamilton

John Locke

William Hadley

Ira Wilkinson

Timothy Fuller (has grandsons)

Harry Crane

John Crane

John Ross

William Brayton

Daniel Ellsworth

John S. Avery (lived to be 100; had son William)

David Beals

John Paddock

Samuel Matthews (had grandson Chauncey)

James Schooley (had son Andrew)

Gillett family

William Brewer

Underwood family

John Ingersol

Abner Rising

James Congdon (had son A.G.)

Aaron Goodier (had grandsons; preacher at M.E. Church)

Washburn family

Burpee family

William Hadley (had grandson J.I.)

A.B. Wilkinson, died 1890 (father was Ira)

Jeremiah Kinne (+ son)

David Beal (had grandson Oliver)

Chester D. Gaylord (father was Lyman)

Lyman Gaylord

Samuel Norton (father was Russell)

Richard Smith (had son H.W.)

Lewis Devendorf (had son Henry)

Alvin Wheelock, from Winfield (had grandsons C.T. & E.F.)

Lester Smith (had son Seymour?)

Nathaniel Ball (had grandson H.H. who was town clerk)

Ebenezer Bennett

Archibald Parker

Jonas Washburn (had son Edward V.)

Ransford Cole’s father settled early at N. Litchfield (sold farm to George E. Holland)

Jeremiah Everett, first school

David Davis, first store

Joseph Sheppard, first tavern

John Littlejohn, first gristmill in 1806

John Ecker, merchant

Roswell Champion, tannery

Warner Wheelock, store

Francis Smiley



Town of Winfield (settled 1816 with people chiefly from MA and CT)


Abel Brace, 1793, from Hartford CT area (+ 9 sons, 5 daughters and wife’s aged mother;

   He died in 1832; was Capt. in Rev. War. Grandson was Seward H.; Another desc. is

  Capt. Asahel Brace who died 1867 and had sons Abel Woodruff, & Lucius F. who was

   father of Frank L. & Henry L.  Charles Brace operated an Inn in 1794.)

David Wood, 1792

John Chapin, 1792

Deacon Charles Burt, 1793

Joseph & Timothy Walker, 1793, sawmill (Timothy had son Ira)

Larkin Smith, 1793, surveyor

Simeon Bucklin (had son Robert, & daughter Phebe who married Avery Backus)

Elijah Gates

Amasa Dodge

Adam Burdick

Capt. Nathan Brown

Oliver Harwood

Oliver Corbitt

Benjamin Cole

Isaac Thayer

Nathaniel Holmes

William McLaughlin

Prays family

Lawton family

Hatfield family

John Burgess

Moses Eldred, 1805 (had son Myron)

Caleb Cummings, from NH (had son Samuel M.)

Nathan Morgan, 1815

Eleazer Brown (had grandson H.C.; son Hiram born 1805, died 1878)

Grandfather of C.T. Wheelock

Adam Burdick, (Rev. War) (son Hamilton born 11 Feb 1816 was a lawyer, went to


Samuel Williams (born 1830, was geologist at Cornell)

David Wood, 1792, from Monson, Hampden MA (+ brother-in-law Jotham Chapin;

  David had son who was Col. Wood)

Vose Palmer (had son? Walter H. who had a son Charles J.?)

Joseph Gates

Samuel Brown

Joseph Moors (Rev. War)

John Rutter (Rev. War)

James Harris (Rev. War)

Mr. Vaughn (Rev. War)

Sewall Town, 1790

Leach family

Eldred family

Joseph Hardin, 1832 (born 1804, E. Hampton CT; father was Nathan; came from

   Plainfield, Otsego Co. His sons include George A., Abner Clark, William H. There was

   other Hardin information on p. 380; see also below)

Anson Backus (dau. Amanda born in 1803 married Joseph Hardin in 1829. Went to

   Gaines, Orleans Co. in 1836)

Capt. Goff









Town of Columbia (settled 1765 by Germans; became town in 1812)


Conrad Orendorf (Lt. in Capt. Henry Eckler’s Co.; had a descendant named William)

Henry Frank

Timothy Frank

Conrad Frank

Nicholas Lightall

George Lightall

Joseph Myer

Frederick Christman

Conrad Fulmer

Richard Woolaber (in Heinrich Starings Co. in Rev.)



Tunis Vrooman

Asahel Alford, 1791 (he died 1853; had son Cyrus, had son or grandson Oscar)

Abijah Beckwith, 1807, from Columbia Co. (grt. grandson John D. was lawyer at Little


Peter Horton Warren

Martin McKoon, 1796

Jacob Edick (+ father Jacob)

Lorenzo Hosford (+ father William), tanners

Henry Devendorf

John D. Hunter

Andrew Miller

Nicholas Spohn

Daniel Stroup, blacksmith

Jacob Seckner

Frederick Petrie, blacksmith in 1799 (brother of Daniel; Daniel had son Jacob)

Philip Ausman, teacher in 1796 (in German  language)

Joel Phelps, teacher in 1796 (English language)

Martin L. Springer

Ira Derthick

Asahel Freeman, grist & saw mill

Simeon Hammond, hotel in 1808

Andrew Miller, 1760 in Miller’s Mills area (descendant is Jonas)

Jost Bell, owned land in Miller’s Mills area

Henry Devendorf, 1803 (had tavern in 1810)

John & Thurston Mabbitt, store in 1823

William Horsford, tannery in 1824







Town of Herkimer (established 1788; Indian deeds in 1721-23 to the Palatine Germans who bought lots)


Gertrude Petri (wife of Johan Jost Petri; she deeded lots to 46 of the Burnettsfield lot

    owners in 1765; lots were divided in 1793)


(names of the original  lot owners):

Mary Catharine Coen

Lodowick Richet

Jurgh Doxstater

John Adam Staring

Frederick Staring

Nicholas Staring

Michael Edick

Jonas Pownrad

Adam Michael Smith

Nicholas Woolever

John Vanderline

Wendrick Myer

John Jurgh Smith

John Casler

Johonas Bellinger (+ Frederick and Peter)

Lawrence Harder

Lendert Helmer

Lodwick Pears

Godfrey Reele

Jacob Weaver (+ sons Peter, George Jacob)

Dedrick Tamouth

Christian Felmer

John Jost Herkimer

Hendrick Orendorf

Rodolph Korsing

Jurgh Herkheimer

John Michael Edigh

Widow M. Folts

Henrdrick Spoon

John Jost Petrie

Peter Spier

Johanas Boarman

Thomas Shoemaker

Philip Helmer

Conrad Richet

John Adam Helmer

Anna Catherine Land

Dr. William Petry (bond in 1769 from Jacob Weber & son George Jacob)

John Doxtader (+ son Frederick. Frederick’s dau married Alexander Gray)

Henry Ellison

Dan Chapman, from CT (lawyer – went to Oneida Co. 1820)

Joab Griswold, from CT

Elihu Griswold (17 Aug 1756-12 Jan 1812)

Philo M. Hackley, from CT (+ father Aaron; went first to Salisbury in 1795, then


Henry Hopkins (died 1827)

Michael Myers, from NJ (German descent, but not original Palatine. Possibly

   came in 1722. Had son Peter. Michael died 17 Feb 1814, age 61)

Ephraim Snow, from CT before 1800

Chauncey Woodruff (died 1810)

Windsor Maynard, gristmill 1811

Simeon Ford, gristmill 1811

Benjamin Cory, newspaper: “The Telescope” (sold to David Holt & J.R. Robins 1805)

J.H. Prentiss, newspaper “The Herkimer American” 1810

Thurlow Weed, worked at the Herkimer American 1813

G.G. Phinney, newspaper” “Bunker Hill” 1810



Town of Manheim (formed 1797; named after Manheim, Germany)


Settled by German immigrants before the Revolution. Land grant to Jacob Timmerman and Johan Jost Snell in 1755.


Jacob Timmerman (+ 5 sons, 4 of whom settled here: Henry, Adam, Frederick, Jacob)

Johan Jost Snell (+ 4 sons: Suffrenus, Peter, Joseph, Jacob. Located near Dutch Reform

   Church.  9 men were in the Battle of Oriskany – only 2 returned, including Peter. John

   G. was shot by Indians in 1780 but recovered)

Henry Remensneider (Rhemensnyder), came before Rev.

Johannes Boyer, before Rev. (at Battle of Oriskany)

Keyser family

Van Slyke family (James taken prisoner to Canada during Rev. at age 17)

Newman family

Pickert family

Klock family

John Gartner (taken prisoner to Canada -died there)

Davis family

Frederick Windecker

John Windecker (taken prisoner to Canada during the Revolution at age 9) (John F.

   Windecker is descendant)

Adam Garlock

Judge Jacob Markell (b. 1770, Schenectady; came here at age 20)

Jacob P. Loucks (b. 1783, Manheim. In War of 1812)

Maj. Andrew Frank (b. in town of Palatine)

John A. Dockey (Brit. Soldier, married Jacob Snell’s widow. Son Henry b. Mar. 1784)

Nathaniel & Elijah Spencer, from VT (Howard is desc.)

Samuel Peck (+ son Isaac), 1796

Jacob Youran, 1797 (saw & grist mills)

John Faville

Simeon P. Bidleman

James & John van Valkenburg

Henry Broat

Peter Woolever

John Beardslee (b. Nov 1759, Sharon CT. Came to Mohawk Valley 1787. Civil

   Engineer, built many mills. Died 3 Oct 1825. August b. 13 Aug 1801, died

   15 Mar 1873, lawyer)

James A. Wetherwax (b. here 29 Nov 1829; died 1 Jan 1883. Son James F.)

Thomas Johnson


Village of Dolgeville:

John Faville, 1795

Ayres family

Elijah & Nathaniel Spencer, 1797

Calvin & Reuben Ransom

Abe & Thomas Spofford, about 1800

John D. Spofford, about 1810

Lamberson family

Zephaniah Brockett, 1813

Rundell family

Samuel Low

Erastus B. Jones

Maj. D.B. Winton, 1830 (tannery)

Col. William Feeter (grist mill, 1802; son Adam)

Alonzo Ingham, 1808

Harvey Ingham, 1820



Town of Danube, 1817


First settlers were German Palatines


Cornelius van Alstine (tavern, 1795)

Peter Smith

Andrew Nellis

Nathan Wilcox  (+ brother Isaiah) from CT, abt 1793

Martin Silver (German descent)

John Harder, from Columbia Co., 1797 (died 1866)

William Ostrander, 1801 (d. 1847. Had grandson William)

Cornelius Delong (had grt. grandson C.E. Delong)

Thomas I. Messick, from Columbia Co. 1818 (Capt. in War of 1812, d. Mar 1868,

   had son Henry)

Ralph Simms (son Edward went to Manheim)

Anson Harder (b. here; lawyer in Jefferson Co.)

Samuel Haupt, 1801, from PA

Andrew Carpenter (tannery, 1805)

John McMullin (blacksmith, 1806)

Andrew Oothout (merchant)

Henry Lieber (merchant)

Henry Gross (merchant)



Town of Stark (formed 1828; named for General Stark of the Revolution)


Richard Shaul (married a Bronner)

Matthew, Sebastian & Rev. John Shaul (3 brothers, captured by Indians. David is grt.

   grandson of John. Minard is descendant of Matthew)

Jacob & Frederick Bronner (Jacob+son Christian+daughter Sophronia taken prisoner

   to Canada by Indians in 1781. Sophronia stayed 12 yrs.)

John Fetterly(Fetherly) (+ George)

Johannes Smith, 1788 (first tavern. Alexander is grt. grandson. Andrew took over

   tavern until 1844)

Hiram Ward (married a Bronner)

Jacob Eckler (captured, taken prisoner in 1781)

Richard Elwood (+ wife, 2 children; of English descent; came to Mohawk Valley

   in 1748. He died a few yrs. later leaving 4 sons: Richard, Isaac, Benjamin, Peter.

   Senator A.R. Elwood of Richfield Sprs. is a descendant. Col. Henry was a son of

   Peter. Peter died 1831 at age 77. David is also a son of Peter – settled in Danube

   in 1813, died 1859. He had 4 sons: Daniel, Henry, Moses, David B.)

Richard van Horne, 1791, from NJ (+ brother Daniel; Richard d. Mar 1823)

Thomas van Horne (in Capt. Henry Eckler’s Co., Rev.)

Dr. Willsey, 1797 (first physician)

Simon Conklin, 1798 (first blacksmith)

Daniel Champion, 1798 (Barney is grandson)

John Champion (first store, 1810 – Starkville)

Jesse Brown (carding mill, 1814)

John R. Hall (merchant; son is Robert)

Judge Henry Brown



Town of Warren (formed 1796; named after Gen. Joseph Warren who fell at Bunker Hill)


There was an early German settlement at Andrustown, but settlers fled from the French

   and Indians in 1758.

Paul Crim, (built log house,1753. A.J. Crim is descendant; escaped to Fort Herkimer

   During the Rev.)

George Hoyer (escaped to Fort Herkimer during Rev.)

John Osterhout (escaped to Fort Herkimer during Rev.)

George Staring

Frederick Bell

Stephen Frank

Frederick Lepper

Mr. Powers (English; loyalist; went to Canada)

George House

Mr. Bell (+ son, both killed in 1778 by French & Indians; another

   son stayed 10 yrs. in Canada)

Henry Eckler (Capt. in Rev.; son Henry; 2 sons taken prisoner & killed in 1781)

Jacob Haberman

Michael Snyder

Andrew Young


The following people came from New England during or after the Revolution:

Samuel Cleland, 1786 (+ sons Norman, Salmon, Martin, Moses, Jonas. George M.

   was son of Jonas. Jonas was a teacher)

David Mixter, from MA

Anthony Devoe, 1798

Dr. Rufus Crain, before 1798

John Marshall, 1808 (lived to be 98 y.o.)

Thomas C. Shoemaker

David Belshaw

Ephraim Tisdale

Gurdon Lathrop

Abel Millington

Samuel Bloomfield

Moses & Leonard Shaul

John W. Tunnicliff

James Maxfield

Daniel Caswell, by 1796

Isaac Freeman, (2 mills by 1793)

Benjamin Wilkerson

Frederick Lyman (distillery abt. 1810-15)

Capt. Charles Fox, 1805, from CT

Stephen Frank (taught school in German language)



Town of Schuyler (formed 1792 from Herkimer. Named after Gen. Philip Schuyler)

John Jurgh Kass (Kast), traded with Indians in the area, 1720

Permanent settlement by 1764


Peter Hasenclever of Wurttemberg, Germany erected an iron works on the Hudson. He paid passage for some Germans from Wurttemberg to emigrate to “New Petersburg”. Thirty log houses were built. Some family names included:

Baultis Bridenbecker (had grandsons D.I. & Amos)

Staring (had grandson Luther P.)

Bargy (Birchi)



Oyer (Aiyer, Irer) (desc. is Daniel; some desc. spelled name Iver)

John Finster




(Other settlers included):

George Whaley


Haywood Minott

Lyman, Josiah & Rawson Johnson

Elisha Ladd, 1804

Stephen & Elisha Rose, from CT

Jonathan Richardson


Thomas Wood

Charles Brown

Charles Christian


Dr. Joseph Carder (grandsons are Homer, Horace)

Robert Hinchman

Robert Burch

Philip Knapp (store)

Adam Staring (had tavern before Rev.)

Henry Andrew Cramer (teacher in 1790’s)



Town of Newport (1806, named for Newport, R.I.; many settlers came from R. I.)


Settlers came from New England until about 1830. After the opening of the Erie Canal, many came from Ireland.


Daniel Campbell of NY City obtained title to land in 1786, but did not settle. Purchased by William, Ephraim & Benjamin Bowen in 1788-89.

Christopher Hawkins, 1791, from Providence, R.I. was first permanent settler (went first

    to Fairfield)

Benjamin Bowen, from New England, (saw mill, 1793)

Joseph Benchley, from New England bef. 1798

William Wakely, from New England bef. 1798

John Burton, from New England bef. 1798 (carpenter; had son Darius)

Stephen Hawkins, from New England bef. 1798 (Silas died 1793)

George Cook, from New England bef. 1798

Edward Coffin, from New England bef. 1798

John Nelson, from New England bef. 1798

John G. Green, from New England bef. 1798

John Churchill, from New England bef. 1798

George Fenner, from New England bef. 1798

William Whipple, from New England bef. 1798

Israel Wakely, after 1798

Westel Willoughby

Levi Bowen, after 1798, from New England

Sherman Wooster, 1804, from New England (had son Sherman)

Abby Justine (first teacher, 1795)

William Wakely (first hotel, 1793)

George Cook (first merchant)

Nahum Daniels

Samuel Perry (had son Stuart, born 1837, inventor)

Col. Standish Barry (b. Baltimore, MD 1794. Came to Newport with Father-in-Law Capt.

   Ezra Pierce in 1816. Was Ass’t Treas. of the U.S., 1861. Died 20 Oct 1866. Widow

   Lydia C.  Children: John, Mrs. Sherman Wooster, Mrs. Jane B. Pomeroy, Mrs. A.M.


Henry Carter, merchant

William S. Benchley (tavern; hat manufacturer)

Jeduthun Steele, lawyer before 1825

Ralph Waterman, lawyer before 1825

William P. Fraser, lawyer before 1825

Daniel Post, farmer

Harry Waterman



Town of Norway (formed 1792; permanent settlement 1787)


Settlers came from Eastern NY counties and New England, esp. R.I.; also CT, MA, VT.

Many settlers from CT and MA were Presbyterian, those from R.I. were mostly Baptist. Many Irish Catholics came after 1850.


Christopher Hawkins, 1786, from R.I.

Mr. Whipple, 1786, from R.I. (?)

Jeremiah Porter (b. Cranston, R.I. 3 Mar 1737, d. 27 Jan 1813. Wife d. 13 May 1826.

   Children: Fisher, Jeremiah Jr., Angel, Lemuel, Philip W., (d. 13 May 1861), Keziah,

   Mary, Sarah. Three sons Fisher, Jeremiah Jr. & Angel(?), plus Mary, Sarah left R.I.

   in Spring 1787. Rest of family came in Spring 1788.  Keziah married Clark Smith

  of Fairfield; Sarah married Rufus Eaton of Fairfield; Mary married Dr. Amos Haile

  of Fairfield.)

Thomas Manly, 1789, from Bennington Co., VT (wife and infant son Ira came in March

   1790 on Ox sled. Thomas died 21 Jan 1851, age 88y, 6m.)

David Underhill, 1789-90, from VT

John & David Corp, 1789-90, from VT

N. Fanning, 1789-90, from VT

Brayton family, from Rensselaer Co. (son Gideon was first birth in town. Family moved)

Capt. David Hinman, 1790, from Southbury, CT (Elihu Hinman was first death in town)

John, Andrew, Amos Coe, bef. 1790, from Southbury, CT? (John was lawyer, Ira was

   son of Amos – farmer & lawyer. Ira d. 5 Feb 1861)

Edward Henderson, 1792, from VT (wife was Mary Mathews, son Daniel C.

   d. 1860; son Hugh moved to Illinois, but died here on a visit in 1856)

David Smith, 1793, from MA

James Giles

Stephen Babbitt

Nathaniel Post

William Forsyth

James Norton, cheesemaker (b. 14 July 1774, m. Hannah Chittenden 1794 in Guilford CT

   Moved first to Salisbury, Herkimer Co., then town of Norway. Wife & daughter

   came in May 1796. Daughter married Ira Coe. James d. 1850.   Morgan Norton b. 28

   Mar 1809, m. Eliz. Tillingast Oct 1836. She d. 11 June 1842. In 1846 he then m. Rhoda

   Dix who was at White Creek, Washington Co. NY 10 Nov 1817. He d. 15 Jul 1872.

   The Norton line is traced back through Guilford CT to Thomas Norton who came from

   England in 1639)

Jared Dorman

Benjamin Nichols

Sylvanus Ferris, cheesemaker (to town of Russia 1830 with 2 sons, 4 married sons

   stayed. Went to Knox Co. Illinois in 1835, purchased land for himself & 6 sons near

   Galesburg. All sons except Timothy moved there. Presbyterian)

Moses, Ira Tompkins, 1793, from Albany (brother Stephen came a few yrs. later)

Benjamin Hall

Pardon Tillinghast

Clark Baker

Samuel Rathbun

Sylvanus & Josiah Crosby

John Pullman

Moses Gage

Samuel Weston

Timothy Johnson

Christopher Cadman?

Joseph Bly

Jacob Bullock

Benjamin Benjamin

Daniel Hurlburt, blacksmith (sons William H., Seth, Elisha P.)

Jared Smith, 1797, from Freehold, Greene Co. (previously from Southbury, CT; d. 1846)

Johnson family, from Southbury, CT

Curtis family, from Southbury, CT

Hine family, from Southbury, CT

Munn family, from Southbury, CT

Nathaniel Salisbury, abt. 1800, cheesemaker

Ebenezer Hurd

Daniel Carpenter, abt. 1800  (sons Samuel, Azel. Azel was cheesemaker)

Col. Jared Thayer, abt. 1800, cheesemaker

Danforth Doty, abt. 1800, cheesemaker

Caleb Sheldon?, abt. 1800

Amos & Simeon Ives, abt. 1800

Samuel Sherman, abt. 1800

Noble Ross, abt. 1800

Isaac Smith, abt 1800, cheesemaker

Lewis Barnes, abt. 1800

D.C. Henderson, abt. 1800

Seth Smith (b. 25 Sept 1734 Northampton MA; sons Josiah, Dudley both born Suffield,

   Ma. Family emigrated to Dorset, VT then to town of Norway in 1795-96. Had son-

   In-law Solomon Howe who came with them. Presbyterian.)

Daniel Tuttle

King family

Josiah Smith (tavern in 1806) (moved to Whitesboro, Oneida Co. Presbyterian)

George Gardner, blacksmith

Sylvanus Smith, blacksmith

Benjamin Marvil, carpenter

Henry Wilcox, tailor

Galen Barstow, harnessmaker. Presbyterian

James Churchill, cooper

Dean Gay, cooper

George A. Coppernoll, shoemaker

David Humphreville, shoemaker

Lyman Swan, shoemaker

Robert H. Crandall, builder

Jeanette Henderson, teacher in 1793 (sister of D.C.. She married John H. Sherwood and

   d. in Steuben Co. at advanced age0

Charles Morton, teacher

Samuel Brainard, teacher

Charles King, teacher

John Moon, teacher

Phebe Smith, teacher in 1806

DuBois families (2) (French Huguenot ancestry – NJ to Saratoga Co., then here.)

David DuBois  (b.11 Jun 1797, m. Sarah Tillingast 29 Dec 1829. Children: Luke,

   Mrs. J.D. Henderson.  Jacob DuBois (relationship?) settled in town of Norway in 1795.

   Ancestry back to Louis duBois, Huguenot in Ulster Co. 1660)

John & Robert English (Protestant Irish)

Carpenter Cole, 1793, grist mill

Green Gardner, abt. 1796, from R.I. (saw mill in 1798; went to Grt. Bend, Jefferson Co.

   abt. 1809)

Henry Tillinghast, 1793, tanner

Asa Lord, from CT, shoemaker (went to Madison Co. abt. 1810)

John & Timothy Smith, tanners

Mitchell Hinman, tanner

Isaac Crosby, tanner

Levi Brainard, tanner

Amos Coe, possibly first Innkeeper

Thomas Brayton, abt. 1793 (also possibly first Innkeeper)

Eli & Zephi Brockett, tavern

Russell Hine, tavern

Dr. Mabee

Shibnah Nichols

Havens & Benjamin Hall

Thaddeus Scribner (+ brother), abt. 1790, merchants

Peter Swinburne, store (went to Deer River, Lewis Co. abt. 1832)

George W. & William H. Cook, 1792, from Dutchess Co.; went to NYC? Abt. 1808)

John Nicholson (went to Herkimer?)

Dr. Westel Willoughby, 1792 (there is an extended sketch under the Medical Society


Dr. Moses Tombling

Frederick Mason, from New London, CT (d. in Brooklyn)

Charles Bradley, store in 1816 (d. 1825)

Zadoc Ames, Presbyterian

Rev. Robertson, 1792

Zenas Bronson, Presbyterian

Abraham Cole, Presbyterian

Comfort Barnes  (+ sons Luther, Lewis. Methodist)

Rev. Joseph Willis (on Methodist Circuit, 1808)

Rev. Asa Cummins (                                      )

Uriah Tompkins

William & Stephen Comstock (+ wives), Methodist?

Eunice Comstock, Methodist

Thomas Rathbun, Methodist

John Kennedy, Methodist

Asahel Burlingame, Methodist

Moses Gage (+ wife), Methodist

William & David Haskins, Methodists

Selah Griswold, Methodist

Mrs. James Jackson (d. 1807, Black Creek)

Rev. Jared Smith Sr., 1796, from Huntington, CT (m. Dorcas Beecher of Huntington,

   20 Aug 1761. Went to Southbury. Jared Jr. born there 11 Apr 1766. On 14 Jan 1787 he

   m. Dorcas Johnson who was b. 23 Jun 1766. Went to Freehold, Greene Co., NY. Son

   Johnson b. 30 Oct 1798)

Nathaniel Salisbury (b. Swansea, MA 24 Mar 1772. Married Johanna Wilson of

   Thompson, CT 27 Jan 1796. Moved to Fairfield (CT or NY?). Sarah b. 6 Sept 1798;

   Nathaniel’s parents are Richard Salisbury & Elizabeth Easterbrooks. Eliza from

   Warren, R.I.  Richard’s father was Daniel Salisbury of Swansea, MA.)

Johnson Smith (married Sarah Salisbury 25 Jan 1825. Frederick b. 9 Jan 1826. He

   m. Maria E. Service on 20 Nov 1851)



(the following were members of the Baptist Church, 1830):

Osee Brunson, Westel Brunson, Rebecca Brunson, Anna Brunson

Dudley Smith, Susanna Smith

Isaac Crosby, Mary Crosby

Samuel Weston, Sarah Weston

Arabella English

Lydia Tillingast, (and Priscilla, Sarah, Jefferson, Wilbur)

Mary Hemingway, Phineas Hemingway

Polly Underhill

Lavina Buck

Temple Ross

Mary Crandall

Abigail Nichols


Job Bly, Free Will Baptist

Timothy Smith, Free Will Baptist

David Humphreville, Free Will Baptist



Town of Russia (1806)


Stoddard Squire, 1792, from CT (son John G. came also at age 7. Dr. Truman Squire is

   grandson of Stoddard, who d. in Elmira)

Millington family, from VT

Smith family

Farley Fuller, 1794

George Taylor, 1794

Roscum Slocum, 1794

Austin family (+ son)

William Buck

Jeremiah Smith

Jonathan Carpenter (had son Jotham)

Coon family

Farley Smith (married Minerva in 1794)

Waite Robinson

Stephen Smith 2nd, tavern

Benjamin Hinman, sawmill 1797

Dr. William Frame


Village of Poland (settled after 1800)


Nathan Burwell, blacksmith (6 children: Bryant, Dudley (lawyer), Charles…)

Samuel Wright, merchant (son William?)

Daniel Swezey

Ebenezer Newman

Michael DeGroff, sawmill 1802

Jesse Brayton (+ Isaac and brother Almond; not sure of relation to Jesse)

Col. George Arnold (had son Thomas)

Uriah & brother Cornelius Schermerhorn, shoemakers

Silas & Amos Beebe

Samuel Giles

Moses Mather, gristmill 1807 (sons Dr. William, & Jairus. Dr. William left a manuscript)

James King

William Truman

Samuel Newberry

Jenks Benchley, tanner 1817

Nahum Daniels

Daniel Jones

James Trask (had son Isaac)

John Gorton

James M. Dexter

Terry family

Noble Gunn, miller

Joshua Bennett

Horace Kellogg, distiller

Russell Vincent, distiller

John G. Webster (sons Robert, Frederick)

William & George Harrison, iron foundry

Daniel Sprague (sons Arnold, Charles)

Joseph Benchley, hotel 1828 (moved to Ilion; d. in Newport)


Village of Cold Brook (1810)


Seth Fenner, gristmill (sons Waterman, Morgan)

Nicholas & Caleb Vincent

Jonathan & Nathan Millington

Peter & Ebenezer Newman

Lemuel Carpenter, distillery 1825

Stephen & Arthur Smith, tavern

James L. Heffernan, tailor

David Walrath, tailor

Amos Carpenter, shoemaker

Luther Joles?, flaxmill 1835


Village of Grant


Isaac Woodin, 1816

John Post, 1820

Alexander Booth

Walter Howard, tavern 1820

Enoch Arnold, store

Stephen Smith, gristmill 1821

Zina & Almond Beecher, tannery 1821

Philip Young, blacksmith

Elisha Hall, tailor

William Graves, 1800, from VT

Maj. Geer, 1796, tanner

John Burr, 1806, sawmill

Mr. Hinman, 1st gristmill (son J.E. of Utica)

William & Hobart Graves, carding mill 1813

Samuel Wright, store 1803

Moses Prindle, blacksmith 1804

Nathaniel Waters, 1805, carpenter

Isaac Norton, 1804, surveyor

Elijah Ayers, 1804, surveyor

Stephen Smith, 1804, surveyor

Jeremiah Smith

Elder Benjamin Corp, abt. 1799, Free-Will Baptist

Steven & Arthur Smith, tavern

James L. Heffernan, tailor

David Walrath, tailor

Amos Carpenter, shoemaker

Luther Joles, flax mill 1835

Isaac Woodin, 1816 (first Deacon of Free-Will Baptist Church)

John Post, 1820

Alexander Booth

Walter Howard, tavern 1820

Enoch Arnold, store

Stephen Smith, gristmill 1821

Zina & Almond Beecher, tannery 1821

Philip Young, blacksmith

Elisha Hall, tailor

William Graves, 1800, from VT

Maj. Geer, 1796, tanner

John Burr, sawmill 1806

Samuel Wright, store 1803

Moses Prindle, blacksmith 1804

Nathaniel Waters, 1805, carpenter

Isaac Norton, 1804, surveyor

Elijah Ayers, 1804, surveyor

Stephen Smith, 1804, surveyor

Jeremiah Smith


Town of Ohio (1823, originally called Brunswick)


Mr. Mount, first settler, from NJ (2 sons killed by Indians, 1782)

David Thorp, first tavern (came after the Rev.) (had son David Jr.)

John Miller, 1790

Mr. Warner

Aaron Thorp

Hermanus Van Epps

Pjilo McDonald, 1818

Latham Gray

S. Bullock, blacksmith

George Benchley, tavern 1844

Jeremiah Petrie, shoe shop, 1843

William Hemstreet (had sons John, Samuel)

Jacob A. Radley, mill

Augustus Christman, mill (father was John)

John Dagenkolb

Albert Abeel (had son J.W.)

Gilbert J. Johnson, public house (father was Henry I, came in 1850)

Cornelius Tumer

Michael Sweetman, died 1829

Asa Vickery

William Coppernoll (father was G.A.)

Mr. Willoughby



Town of Wilmurt (1836)


Arthur Noble, from Scotland, settled on Nobleboro Tract, sawmill (but failed to colonize the area)

Alexander Macomb of NY, purchased half of the land in 1792

John Brown of R.I., purchased some of the land (Brown’s Tract). His son-in-law, Charles F. Herreshoff tried to improve the land, but failed and shot himself.

Francis Wilkinson, 1824

Edward Fallen, 1840, lumber



Town of Frankfort (1796, named for Lawrence Frank)


Jacob Folts, 1723 (with other Palatines) His will dated 1793 named grandsons Warner,

   and Jacob C.  Jacob? d. 1807 at age 97) (additional information on this family – pg. 388

Conrad Folts (brother of Jacob), died June 1793, left 9 children including Jacob C. (other

   desc. were Jacob J., and Col. James Folts)


(some of the following are of Welsh origin):

Andrew Piper

David Dederick

Aaron James

Evan Evans

Joseph Harris

John Morris

John Myers

Adam Weber


Sylvester Joslin

Christopher Joslin

Alexander Watson (g’son is Alexander B.)

Amos Tillingast

John Joslin (desc. is Merritt F.?)

Aaron Budlong (g’son is Robert)

Samuel Ferguson (g’son is James D.)

William Bridenbecker (g’sons are Sherwood B. & Judson – sons of Alexander)

John B. Dygert

Chauncey Devendorf, merchant

Edward Davis

Epaphroditus Palmer

William H. Tisdale

Robert Etheridge

Warner Folts (had a slave as late as 1822, Susan, born of Flora 28 Feb 1804)

John Hollister, sawmill 1794

Adam I. Campbell, gristmill 1808

John Myers, tavern 1795

Matthew & Michael Myers, ashery 1816; also had a store

George W. Henry, manuf. cowbells 1823

Joseph Ingham, from Schuyler, built woolen factory 1807

Joseph Collins, from Frankfort,                  

Dr. Caleb Budlong (grad. of Fairfield Medical College 1817)

Samuel Chapman, lawyer

Jacob Weaver, 1810, tavern

Mr. Griswold, tannery 1811

Elias Palmer, grain cradles

William Gates, match factory 1844 (died 28 July 1877; succeeded by sons. Frederick

    went to TN)



Town of Little Falls (1829; settled by Germans before the Revolution)


Peter Wooleaver

Christian Edick

Frederick Getman

Marks Rasbach

Thomas Shoemaker

Lawrence Hatter

Jacob Petrie

Daniel Petrie (killed by Indian raid, 1782)

Peter Orendorff

Gershom Skinner

F. Cox

John Porteous, 1790, came from Perth Scotland in 1761, went to Detroit then NY then

   Nova Scotia; rtd to Scotland, then to NY again), (g’dau is Mrs. William G. Milligan)

William Alexander, from Schenectady, died 13 Jan 1813 (married a dau of John

   Porteous) (dau Mary Porteus Alexander married 1. Mr. Bowen, 2. Robert Lockwood;

   son Henry P. died 22 Feb 1867; son Porteus drowned; dau Jane G. married Jesse C.

   Dann; dau Catherine married Frederick Lansing) (William had brothers Robert, John,

   and James)

Robert Alexander (children were Robert, William, Samuel H., James, Jane, Catherine)

John Alexander (had son Thomas)

James Alexander (went west, became wealthy)

William Girvan, from Scotland (cousin of William Alexander; he married William’s

   widow. Their children were listed)

Richard Phillips

Thomas Smith

Joel Lankton

Richard Winsor

William Carr

William Moralee

Washington & Ebenezer Britton (brothers, from Westmoreland NH), 1792 (Ebenezer

   was a tanner, died 28 Aug 1832. Children listed; a dau married Nathaniel S. Benton)

Alpheus Parkhurst

John Drummond

Josiah Skinner

William Feeter (Veeder) (his family went to Canada with Sir John Johnson, but

   he didn’t. He was a Patriot. Had 5 sons, 7 daughters; died 5 May 1844)

Alexander Ellice, Scotch merchant, (died 1808, had son Edward) (Alexander

   leased land to many; land was sold off by 1831. There is a list of the lot owners)

Gen. Zenas C. Priest (b. Fairfield 18 Apr 1806, worked for Syr. & Utica R.R. There

   is a lengthy biography)

Henry Burrell (b. Sheffield, MA 28 Nov 1797, son of Jonathan & Lucinda; came to

   Salisbury NY 1804, was in cheese/dairy export business here and NYC. Sons were

   Seymour, David H., Edward J.) (member of Presbyterian Church, d. 5 Mar 1879)

William I. Skinner (b. 24 Oct 1812, son of Josiah H., from CT; died 13 Feb 1891;

   Had 3 sons, 2 daughters)

Gen. Christopher P. Bellinger, gristmill 1810

William P. Pardee, papermill 1830

Capt. Solomon Lockwood, first Fire Dept. 1808


(below are members of the Little Falls Fire Dept. in 1811):

Rufus Sawyer

Amos Parkhurst

Josiah Hazen

Isaac Stevenson

Felix Dutcher

Josiah Perry

Thomas Battle

Benjamin Carr

Thomas Gould

Henry Frey

Benjamin Bowen

John O. McIntyre

Matthias B. Bellows

Thomas Smith

William Girvan

Brayton Buckland

John Protheroe

John Phillips

Washington Britton

George P. Angel

Charles Hinkley

William T. Dodge

Henry Holmes

James Beattie

George Plato


Edward M. Griffing, first newspaper 1821 (called the People’s Friend)

James Sanders (Baptist Church organized at his home 1829, with 16 members dismissed

   from Fairfield. Some names include: Alanson Ingham, Daniel Rogers, Perley Eaton,

   Henry Hanman, Stephen W. Brown, Friend Cook, George Brown)

Rev. Powers (P.E. Church 1820. Some members: Nathaniel S. Benton, George H. Feeter,

   Oran G. Otis, Lester Green, Solomon Lockwood, Abner Graves, Andrew A. Bartow,

   William G. Borland, Thomas Gould, Daniel H. Eastman)

Rev. E.J. Mason (Presbyterian Church 1812. Some members: Abraham Neeley & wife,

   Daniel Talcott & wife, Mrs. Henry Bartlett, Mrs. James Kennedy, Thomas Smith)

Rev. Hezekiah N. Woodruff (Octagon Church 1796. Some members: John Porteous,

   Abraham Neeley, Nicholas Thumb, Henry J. Klock)



Town of Salisbury (1729; named for Salisbury CT where many settlers were from)

   Several tory families lived here before the Revolution, probably tenants of the

   Johnson family)


Mr. Johnson

Daniel Lobdell (4 or 5 sons went to war – went to Canada with Indians & remained)

Jabez Ayers, 1792, surveyor, from MA (son Stephen b. 10 Feb 1770, Braintree)

Alexander Ayers

Mr. Avery

Mr. Cook

Aaron Hackley, 1795, from Wallingford CT, 1st tavern

Alvarius Hopson, 1793, from Wallingford CT (had 6 sons, 5 dau. A g’son is E.R. His

   family includes Elton J. b. 30 Jun 1851, George D. b. 30 Dec 1855, Mary E. b. 13 Dec

   1858. She married James F. Weatherwax.  E.R.’s father is James. More biographical

   information available, page __

Jonathan Burrell, 1803, from Berkshire Co. MA, manuf cheese boxes (son W.F. b. 1818)

Mr. Waterman

Cornelius Humphrey

Eliphalet Taylor

Abijah Ford, 1794, 2nd tavern, before 1800

Samuel Bennett

Jonathan Cole, 1794 (came with Abial Pratt & settled on adjacent farm)

Maj. Jonathan Hallett, 1787 (Rev) (son Stephen b. 1787)

William Lee Jr.

Joseph Munson

Nathaniel Curtis

Stephen Todd, 1792, from Wallingford CT (son Stephen became a Dr.)

Reynolds & Joseph Cahoon, merchants

Augustus Thorp

Caleb Bates

Jabez & Joseph Tuttle

Stutley & Eleazer Can

Isaiah Kenyon, merchant

John Faville, from NJ (b. 1749; had 8 sons, 4 dau, lived in Salisbury & Manheim;

   Son William b. 19 Dec 1785)

Cornelius Lambertson (had 7 sons, 1 dau; g’son is Joshua W.; one of the sons was

   named Addison)

Nathaniel Metcalf, 1794, from Berkshire Co. MA

Abial Pratt, 1794, from MA (rtd to MA, came back; lived to be 92)

Asa Sheldon

Atwater Cook, 1795, from CT (d. 14 Feb 1853; son Atwater b. 17 Dec 1795; son

   James J. b. 13 July 1822. He was U.S. Provost Marshall for this Congr. Distr. during

   Civil War. He d. 4 Sept 1880)

Silas Thompson, from Chesterfield NH (d. 1858) (son William J. b. 1819)

Joseph Munson, 1795, from CT

Moses DeWitt, 1795, from CT

Amos Ives, May 1795, from Wallingford CT (came in oxcart, 14 day journey) (He d. at his sons house at Salisbury Corners, March 1841 Wife was Lucy. Had 7 sons, 1 dau:

   Amos, Ambrose, Simeon, Lucy, Anson, Orren, Samuel, Truman. Truman was

   youngest son, age 3 in 1795, Anson was b. 19 Mar 1785 in Wallingford.

   All lived to ripe old age.  Atwater Cook was their neighbor in CT.  More biographical

   information available – page 320)

Orren Tanner (b. Salisbury 1806. Wife was dau of Alvarius Hopson. Had 7 children)

Noah Smith, from CT (went to town of Norway. Son Samuel came to Salisbury in 1822.

   Still living at age 93. Samuel had son George W. b. 1823 who was lawyer)

John Garner, sawmill 1795

George Spencer, gristmill 1800

Zephar Tuttle, 1798, from Wolcott MA

Dr. Stephen Todd, distillery 1805

Nathaniel Dibble, 3rd tavern

Cornelius Drake, mill 1810

Augustus Frisbie, wool carding

William Peak, merchant

Nathaniel Peck, tannery 1806 (also shoemaker)

Elder Martin Nichols, bef. 1800, preacher

Jesse Potter

Aaron Bartlett,1st tannery 1826 – Salisbury Center

Asa Wilcox, merchant

Dr. Elliot Jacobs, 1st Dr.

Henry Devereaux, aft. 1834

Hiram Wooster, 1800, from CT

Col. Amos Griswold, from CT, tanner 1802

William Brooks

John Standring, carding machine 1800



Town of Fairfield (1796) (Fairfield has the “Oldest Medical College in the U.S.”, chartered in 1803 by Rev. Caleb Alexander who was the first Principal)


First settled in 1770 by 3 German families: Maltanner, Goodbrodt, Shaver, sent by Sir William Johnson. Indians captured Capt. Maltanner & son in 1799, killed a 16 y.o. girl of Shaver family. Maltanner went to St. Regis, Canada for 3 years – returned.   Another German settlement held the families of Keller, Windecker, Pickert and others.


Cornelius Chatfield, 24 Mar 1785, tavern (1st New Englander to arrive)

Abijah Mann, 1786 (had son Abijah Jr.)

Josiah, David, Lester Johnson, 1786, from CT

John Bucklin, from R.I.

Benjamin Bowen, from R.I.

John Eaton, 1787, from MA

Nathaniel, William Brown, 1787, from MA

Samuel Low, 1787, from MA

David Benseley, 1787, from R.I.

Elisha Wyman, 1788, from MA

Comfort Eaton, 1788, from MA

Jeremiah Ballard, 1789, from MA

William Bucklin

Mr. Arnold

Daniel Fenner, 1790, from MA?

Nathaniel Smith, 1790, from MA?

Amos, James Haile, 1790, from MA?

Peter, Bela Ward, 1791, from CT

Moses Mather (sons Dr. William, Jairus). Moses went to Poland, NY in 1806; came back.

John, Edward Griswold

Joseph Teall, 1788

Robert Nolton (had son Hiram Nolton, lawyer & judge)

John B. Fenner, 1806

Samuel Green, gristmill

Daniel Marvin, gristmill

Richard Bushnell, gristmill

Daniel, Amasa Bushnell

Nahum Daniels, merchant 1796

William Smith, merchant 1796

Norman Butler, store, mill

Maj. Jonathan Hallett, merchant

Stephen Hallet (d. 19 Nov 1827, age 40; left wife + 2 dau. One was Mrs. X.A. Willard)

Israel Jones

William Lapham, from Ireland, lawyer in 1796

William D. Ford, lawyer

Arunah C. Smith, lawyer

Col. Charles Willard, 1793, from Saybrook CT (+ his father). (War of 1812. He died on

   14 July 1862, had large family. Son George N. went to Newport & Utica, d. 26 Nov

   1888, Newport. George’s son Charles P. was manufacturer in Chicago)

Alexander Buell

Dr. Eastman, physician

Dr. Taft, physician

Rev. Caleb Alexander, 1802 (Presbyterian Minister from Mendon, MA. Came in 1801 to

   preach in the area; started Medical Academy, settled in 1802)

Jonathan Hallett (member of Episcopal Church in 1807)

Alexander A. Bartow (Episcopal Church 1807)

Stodard Squires (Episcopal Church 1807)

Charles Ward (Episcopal Church 1807)

Elijah Blanchard (Episcopal Church 1807)

William Wakely (Episcopal Church 1807)

Peter Ward (Episcopal Church 1807)

Philip Paine (Episcopal Church 1807)

Joseph Teall (Episcopal Church 1807)

Abiel Burnett (Episcopal Church 1807)

Richard Kimball

John McMichael

Mr. Streeter, blacksmith 1808

Ebenezer Stevens

Jacob Wiltsie, sawmill 1810

John Wood, tannery 1814


First Universalist Society, Middleville (begun 1835 by the following):


Rev. Joshua Britton

Climena Scott

Daniel Post

Betsy Post

Jonathan Potter

Jeremiah Potter

John, Ira, Abigail Farmer

Bela Ward

Benjamin Keeler

Daniel H. Eastman

W. Weeden


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